Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do we have time for all ?

The blogosphere is huge. I'm not going into the numbers. But believe me its larger than we assume it to be. For the nos. check out the annual study by technorati

It is true that Information pertaining to any subject is scattered across the web. When i come across a new word/terminology the first place i go is Wikipedia. Then probably do a Google blog search. Sometimes it drives me crazy seeing tons of information that i know for sure i won't be able to grasp in a single day/month/year. I bookmark a few of the interesting ones, based on the layout of the blog and its design :) (I cannot read the content all the time) It is rare that i return to them.

My question is how much time one has to allocate to do this work(grasping info)?
Do we really grasp what we read and or do we ever use it the way we want to ?
But one think is certain reading is a good habit. Maybe it will come to use someday.

Looking back, our daily source of information starts with the morning newspaper,
then two 1/2 hr news everyday. Didn't we get enough that time ?

Future ?? You all know where we go.

Wondering how it would be to block yourself from information for a month.
Guess, you will become outdated. :D

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