Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Social Media - ROI

"Dell's Outlet on Twitter earned $9 million in sales."
This has always been quoted when people talk about Social Media ROI. Where are the other success stories. Are there other stories?

Is Twitter the best tool to distribute coupons?

From what i understand and believe, Social Media is not for all businesses. And calculating ROI?
How do you do it? Calculating the clicks, the page views, ... and everything else possible. How do you do it?

When anything gets hyped up too much and when everyone starts to talk about the same thing. It is probably the first sign that we are going to soon stop talking about it.

How do i know what facebook makes through its advertising?

Do they really click the ads on the side?

Brand communication, listen to the customers, share more than you promote, there are many watching your conversation, ... and many more..

Is it all worth the time and money invested?
What are the businesses that really benefit from social media?
Who are the ones who will never have a ROI?
where are the answers?

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