Monday, June 8, 2009

Online marketing is slogging; creative minds cannot slog ?? Is it true ?

"Creative minds cannot slog when it comes to work"
some people think so. I don't !! Do you ??

hmmm.. I consider myself creative.. I asked myself whether i can diligently work for long hours. I have never tried to. But if my work,which i love, requires me to do so, then i will.

Everybody is creative in something or other. Few have the opportunity to be creative in their work. If you are one of them. Tell me, will you slog if your work requires you to ?

Online marketing : Is it serious slogging ?
I believe its not so. Unless you are creative, you cannot market something. Few dull hours of work is quite possible but doesn't mean you slog. What's your take on this ? Do comment !!

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sweta shah said...

I am online marketing person. Working in this field since 3 years. I am agree with you and in every field person need creativity. If one become creative then at that time person start loving the work and can work for more hours.

You have gather your thoughts in nice way. Keep it up