Friday, June 5, 2009

Power of bloggers !!

Recently read a blog posting by chrisbrogan

It is about Apple's customer support
This blog is one of the most famous in the social media circle. One such article would definitely affect the sale of apple. What are the companies really doing about millions of bloggers around the planet talking about their brands.

Customer service: is the major cause of brands losing their customers. Long time over phone, poorly designed User interfaces; filling of a big form before getting a solution; automated suggestions that totally fail to solve the problem.
why don't companies invest more for customer service.

When you talk about customer service ? why do companies outsource customer service ? Cost reduction is the answer!
but do they think their customers are not as important as their sale ?
If brands spend little less in their advertising and hiring of celebrities for their ads and invest that money in customer service. It will bring business to them !!
though we live in the world of automated things; CUSTOMER SERVICE CANNOT BE AUTOMATED;

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